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Full Brand Kit
Instilling trust in crypto.

Speak transparency with your crypto currency. Spherom is your trusted brand and coin, giving substance to digital wallets and enhancing user engagement.


Transform crypto into clarity: Emphasizing transparency, usability and accessibility, Spherom takes center stage in the finance revolution. It positions your business as a powerful, trustworthy, and innovative solution, ready to conquer the cryptocurrency sphere.

Spherom brings confidence and clarity to crypto, making users feel at ease.


Communicate limitless possibilities and security

Spherom implies a borderless nature. Its name and pastel yet futuristic colors remind of a lightweight sphere where everything is possible: Lacking edges, a sphere dissolves restrictions while at the same time offering a secure environment for cryptocurrency transactions.


Ready-to-use cryptocurrency logo

Leveraging the 'o' of the logotype, Spherom has its own cryptocurrency symbol. A thin line divides the 'o' horizontally, creating also the shape of an 's'. By relating the currency directly to the brand name, you ensure brand recognition.


Reach your target audience with 3D

As immersive as 3D itself, Spherom is a vivid cryptocurrency brand that reaches your target audience, making crypto accessible. The glass effect of the 3D coins evokes transparency, hence boosting confidence while promoting a high-tech brand with its futuristic color palette.

Transform crypto into clarity.

What's included

Logos in various formats & variations

Receive your logos in industry-standard formats such as PNG and SVG. Ensure versatility and adaptability across all platforms and mediums for maximum brand visibility.

Comprehensive Brand Guide

Our comprehensive digital brand guide provides clear guidelines on brand usage, including recommended colors, fonts, and applications. Empower your team to maintain brand consistency and integrity effortlessly.

Full Brand Kit

You'll receive a comprehensive social media toolkit designed in Figma, along with a ready-to-use presentation template in Google Slides. This ensures you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to effectively communicate your brand's message.

Web Designs on Webflow

Benefit from our handcrafted designs, complete with award-ready animations, all developed on Webflow. All you need to do is adapt the copy to suit your product’s value proposition, and your website is ready to go live, providing a seamless digital experience for your audience.

Intellectual Property Rights

Rest assured with full intellectual property rights and seamless transfer of brand ownership. Protect your brand's uniqueness and secure its legal rights for future growth and development.

Access to Figma Files

Gain exclusive access to meticulously crafted designs and elements through our Figma files. Seamlessly integrate and customize your brand identity to suit your startup's vision and goals.

Expert Consultation & Post-sale Support

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the sale. Enjoy dedicated post-sale support for any queries or minor adjustments, ensuring a smooth brand transition and ongoing success.